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Friday, July 27, 2012

Blooming Where You Are Planted

Bo called for me outside earlier this summer, "You have to come see this" he said.  So I went out to the patio and there as pretty as you please was one pink petunia growing in between the pavers on the patio.  We have for the past 2 years, planted pink petunia's in the pots on the pillars of the wall.  I guess a seed blew down or a bird dropped it from the pot.  We don't know how the seed got from the large pot into the pavers but it is obvious it did.

Bo didn't think the petunia would last very long because of foot traffic and the lack of nourishment.  But here is the single petunia now...

Tonight I was just finishing up canning another 33 quarts of tomatoes with Bo & my girls when my mind wandered to this petunia.  I decided to take my camera down to see how she was coming along.  I was amazed at how she flourished where she was planted.

Isn't that just how God shows us things?  He takes something as simple as a flower growing where it shouldn't, to prove to us that HE IS GOD.  He can take our dire circumstances and make them our greatest victories.  I am what God says that I am.  I can do what God says I can do.  I will grow where I am planted and that is good but even better, I WILL BLOOM, beautiful, glorious, colorful, fragrant blooms.  I will take a blemish and beautify it with my blossoms.  Oh the Wondrous works of my heavenly father.

"Job, are you listening?  Have you noticed all this?  Stop in your tracks!  Take in God's miracle-wonders!" Job 37:14 MSG

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