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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Be Prepared

Every week my father in law goes to a sale/auction to buy fresh produce, boxes of kitchen gadgets, plates, really anything you can think of, they offer it.  This week he bought boxes of tomatoes, squash, green peppers & banana peppers and a huge bag of sweet corn.
Box One 
 The amazing thing is that all this food only cost us $6.00!!!!  We cooked the corn for dinner and what we didn't eat, I cut off the cob and put in 3 gallon size freezer bags.  Not bad for only paying $4.00 for the corn on the cob.  What we had for dinner was amazing.

Bo with the big box full of
Green Peppers
Box 2
After dinner I went to chopping, washing and bagging up the green peppers.  They also went into gallon size freezer bags but it took 7.  I was going to put a pic up of the chopped peppers in the bags but my wonderful husband already took them to the freezer in the garage.

I love the feeling of being prepared for winter.  We will use all these peppers and then some.  I am sure when my father in law goes to the sale next week, my Tuesday or Thursday night will be filled with chopping, washing and filling bags for the freezer.

Being blessed is not being pampered all the time (although I love to be pampered, A LOT!!).  When God provides veggies for a cheap price, when I have the ability and time to prepare for the future, I count these as blessings.  I am thankful for my father in law and his concern for our family that he goes every week to the sale and thinks of us.  Blessed is the only word I can think of.  I love my blessed life.
Two of my family blessings
Mother Joan & Poppie (Jake)
My in laws

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