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Thursday, March 19, 2015


My Uncle Gary, Aunt Brenda, My Daddy and My Aunt Carol (she's 1 year older than me)
Connection to my Estep side of the family tree

As human beings, we need to be connected.  That is why family, community, teams, friends are all so important.  

We try to connect to the past.  We try and find ways that we are like our ancestors.  We look at the shape of our eyes or the placement of our cheekbones.  We do the same thing with our children and grandchildren..."how do they resemble me or my parents or my grandparents?"  My daughter Juliana was born with a birthmark.  I thought it was a bruise until the doctor told me that it is a birthmark that points to our heritage.  Our heritage that is many generations back, showed up in my daughter Juliana. I think that is so stinking cool!!!  AND, it's from my side of the family.  That is even better.  (see, connection to my ancestors is important to me)

Love this photo of Daddy and Carol

Connections to the past, present and future, give us the security of belonging.  Give a group a picture of the past and the first thing each person will do, look to see if they or someone they love is in the picture. 

My beautiful Aunt Sharon and my Grandson, Luke
Family connections over generations

We reach out to others and need others to reach out to us, almost daily.  I was reminded of this last night. A wonderful lady at church reminded me of our need to daily connect to people.  She said she needed some friends...she is lonely.  My heart just sank.  This is an amazing woman who reached out during prayer time to busy people wrapped up in their own lives, not realizing that some are so lonely.  Especially those who cannot drive and are stuck inside in the winter.  I know God heard her prayer.  Not only did He hear her prayer, He made sure that the rest of us did too.  She needs to be connected, she needs to feel a part, like she belongs (because she does belong)...friends, family, community, church.

(Top left) Kenneth IV, Kenneth JR, Kenneth III
(Bottom left) Doris, Kenneth V, Kenneth Sr...

Do you know of anyone who needs to be connected? 

Can you reach out to them today?  Be the extension of God's hand to the lonely.  Saying, "YOU BELONG".

Our Henry and Pop (Bo)

I use to sing a song when I was a young teen, with my mother and sisters...Give Me A Heart For Others.
Lord, let me see beyond myself and connect to more of your precious children.  I am not too busy everyday.  I can make myself seem busy but it's an illusion in my mind.  Oh, Give me a heart for others.


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