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Friday, January 30, 2015

Midnight Thoughts Before Bed

Sometimes I truly desire to be the kind of writer who has really interesting ideas, how to's, designs, stories...you know, popular.  Oh how I desire this.  I love to decorate, redecorate, crafty things, art (O how I love art), music, cooking.  I have stories of my children, church, travels, jobs, husband, sisters, mom but the only thing I can seem to write about the most is JESUS.  

Travel:Cortona, Italy, view from our villa
Photography, gardening

I try and say that photography is a passion of mine.  My grandsons are a passion of mine.  But the scripture says in Luke 6:45, "A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart."  Who do I write about most?  Jesus.  As it turns out, Jesus is my passion.  His words flood my soul and run through my mind throughout the day.  I find myself singing about Him, talking about Him, writing about Him, thinking about Him.  His works surround me.  When I look at my kids...I see His brushstrokes.  When I love on my grandsons, I feel His touch.  When I am finding it hard to hold my head up, I feel His strength.  He has taken over my world.  


I promise you, I wanted to be the next Daily Life writer/blogger but my heart, mind and soul is full of Jesus.  This is not a brag or boast.  This is honest writing.  
Decorating: husbands new desk
Child rearing: Kelcie teasing her daddy

My father preached a message Wednesday night titled, Called In A Time of Dwindling Light.  He spoke about the days of Eli, how the scripture says the light in the Tabernacle was almost out.  It wasn't the priests job to provide the oil for the lamp of God, it was the peoples job.  Because Eli neglected to protect the integrity of the House of God, the people neglected the care of the lamp of God.  But there was this little boy who had been given to God in the house.  He did not know God or His voice yet but because he was positioned to hear and do, God called his name...Samuel, Samuel.   Samuel became known over all Israel as a prophet of God.  

The story of Samuel is one of my all time favorites in the Bible.  I love how Samuel was the most wanted baby, his mother was loved deeply by his father. The back story adds to the amazing life of Samuel.  How it would be through this bloodline that the bloodline of Jesus would be anointed.  Samuel anointed David king of Israel...also a boy, doing his work.  Isn't it amazing how God works?!!!  I love it.

Cooking, my dream stove: AGA in RED!!!

So, if you are looking for a blog about gardening, sewing, decorating, cooking, child rearing, photography, etc., you might find it on here once in a while.  I do have a love of all these things, so they will appear.  But, if you are interested in reading about Jesus, well, you have come to the right place.  

Still Learning about HIM

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