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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Righteousness Exalts A Nation

There are times when I agonize over what to write or what to say.  I try to weigh my words so as not to offend or cause trouble.  I do not always succeed but it is a real concern in my mind and heart.  

This is especially true when we are at election time.  Do I say what I really feel or do I just listen and let others do the talking?  How can I stand for what I believe is right without being offensive, politically incorrect, being labeled a hater or hate monger or whatever???  

Today these thoughts are ringing in my ears and pounding my heart like a drum.  Today is election day.  Our day to voice our opinions with our vote.  To stand for righteousness or not.  Yes, stand for righteousness.  No matter what your political party, what the circumstances of your pocket book/bank account, no matter race, color, vocation or clubs you belong to...we must vote for righteousness.  Take a stand, do all you can.  

Righteousness exalts a nation,
But sin is a reproach to any people.
-Proverbs 14:34 NKJV

You want to see our nation thrive again...vote for righteousness.  
You want to see America victorious again...vote for righteousness.
You want to leave a legacy to your children and grandchildren...vote for righteousness.

Now, I realize this is not a message or post for everyone.  Some will say that I am a radical Christian who doesn't live in the real world. I will labeled an Extreme Conservative, Jesus loving fanatic.  And I am okay with that because it is true.  What helps me say this is the verse I read this morning.

I’m not trying to win 
the approval of people, 
but of God. 
If pleasing people 
were my goal, I
 would not be Christ’s servant.
-Galatians 1:10 NLT

I love people.  I love America.  I love Jesus.  Jesus really comes first because He is Love.  It is His love that enables me to love others and seek righteousness.  I want to be like Him.  He loved all but didn't idly stand by and let sin rule.  He met people where they were but didn't leave them in their mess.  It is His enabling grace that lets us see where we need to focus...the hidden places that we might not even realize at the moment, are there.  

As my brother, Ronald S. Estep, wrote in a song, "Heal our land, as we humble ourselves to pray.  America, the beautiful, needs your healing hand today. Forgive our sins and set us free, as humbly bow to thee.  Heal our land."

Henry praying in Pops office/chapel.
Teaching our children, grandchildren...Priceless

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