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Monday, October 27, 2014

Bridge of St. Peter...Symbols of the Crucifixion

Bo and I on the Bridge Of St. Peter

Angel with the spear/lance

Angel with the cross...my favorite

What is known as the Bridge of St. Peter in Rome, Italy, took my breath away. Each angel is holding a different symbol of the Crucifixion.  The cross, the spear, the sponge, the nails, the crown of thorns, the column, the whip, the superscription, the veil and the dice.  

It is a pedestrian bridge now.  It has lasted through wars, weather and vandals. Amazing to me.  They have had to repair and keep up with the wear and tear on the bridge.  The detail and majesty of it, makes you feel like crying a little. 

Not everyone who walks this bridge is a believer. There are beggars with little cups, people from all backgrounds and nationalities lining the bridge, taking pictures.  I am sure some just come to see the beauty of it and the artistry that surrounds you.  Some may come for the history or some are just fans of Bernini.  But when I look at the statues and see the elements representing the crucifixion...I am humbled and moved to my soul.  

These things, representations, are more than just history or art to me.  You see, I know what happened.  I know what the whips were used for..."BY HIS STRIPES, I AM HEALED".  I know the the spear/lance was used to pierce his side where, "WATER AND BLOOD" flowed out.  I know the nails were used to hang him on that tree but "LOVE HELD HIM THERE".  The veil was ripped that separated us from God...RECONCILING CREATION WITH THE CREATOR.  The cross restored it all.  Oh what the cross did for us.  

When I looked around at this bridge, and when I think about it or look at the pictures, I am reminded what Christ did for me.  I hope you enjoy the pics and maybe someday get to see it in person.  

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