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hope sign

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Morning

This Monday morning, lots of thoughts and feeling engulf my body, soul and spirit.  I am a picture of contradictions.  

I battle, yet I feel free and victorious.

I wanted to stay asleep and curled up in the bed and yet I cannot wait to get the day started and enjoy the weather.

Those are just two that I am okay sharing this morning.  It's hard to articulate that which you do not understand.  

I am starting this week off, allowing myself to look around, see...truly see, the goodness of the LORD.  

From the cry of my newest grand baby, to the rustling of the trees in my front yard, the light of the sun, streaming  and dancing across the green grass, the leaves falling like snow all around my home.  God is good.  

I will look for things to be thankful for.  I don't have to look very far, I just need to adjust my heart.  

If you need a new perspective, Give Generously.  Our Bishop said yesterday, 

 "Giving generously 
tilts the mirror of our lives 
away from our own power, 
control, and wealth; 
so others see God in us, 
the reflection of the glory 
of the Kingdom of God."
-Bishop Ronald Estep

We can live a life full of joy.  We just need to change our perspective.  It has to go from, "How can I make this about me," to "How can I help others?"  

I hope you have a wonderful Monday...another contradiction...Monday/good day.  

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