hope sign

hope sign

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

She's On The Road Again...

And she is on her way back to college.  

Driving from Maryland to Florida today.  

The house will be a little quieter and my hair products will last a little longer. 

Mommy & Kelcie...I love this picture

Mommy & Kelcie...I love this one too

My Kelcie Lorraine

I pray for her safety on the drive back to Florida with her boyfriend.  

I pray that she accomplishes all her goals throughout this next year.

I pray that God supplies all her needs.

I pray that she sees Jesus when she looks at the faces of the people around her...filling her with love and compassion.

I pray that her walk with God deepens and she is willing to be used by Him, each and every day.

I pray for lots of laughter, lots of love, a heart for others, an opportunity to give, good friends, true intimacy with God...for my Kelcie.


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