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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Magic of Ordinary Days

I love the movie, "The Magic of Ordinary Days" by Hallmark.  So much can happen when you live day in and day out with someone.  You get to see their strengths and weaknesses.  You get to know their heart and expressions.  You start to recognize how they feel with just a look at the eyes.  It's in the "ordinary" that something Extraordinary happens...LIFE.

My husband always says, "there's always hope of renewal if you are still eating out of the same Cheerios box".  You never know when that glance across the table or a whiff of his cologne or her perfume, might ignite a memory or a desire.  The Magic of Ordinary Days.

I love ordinary days.  Just being a family, making dinner, cleaning it up, laughing, sharing, watching a movie together, going to get ice cream in Nottingham, playing a game, more laughing, talking, dreaming...LIFE.

Back rubs in the family room
(Julie sorry, you were pregnant with Luke here.)

Family Crab Feasts on the back deck

It's always time for bubbles

Sleepy time for Aunt Scov and Parker

Not sure, but I sure do like Jake's can do stance!!

Sleepy time for Pop and Luke (below)

FAMILY...The magic of ordinary days.  Have a great weekend.

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