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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Church That Raised Me

Some of our Worship Team.
Patrick, Mom, Lauren (you can't see her), Chris, Kelcie, Jon, Jake & Stanley
We just celebrated our church's 39th Anniversary.  We had an amazing celebration with Praising God and fellowship with each other.

I was a very little girl when my father started our church.  I was a whole 3 years old.  Christ The King Church has been through many changes throughout it's 39 years.  Not everything has changed though. We still have amazing worship, life changing preaching and Love!!  We still rely 100% on God. Welcoming the Holy Spirit into every meeting and acknowledging His presence.

My father has been asked many times why he stayed all these years.  Dad's response has always made me proud.  

"When it's bad, I can't leave 
and when it's good, I don't want to."  
-Bishop Ronald D. Estep

Such an inspiration to me.  I can carry that quote into so many areas of my life.  How I obtain longevity, faithfulness, even a thankful heart.  I can take that into my marriage, knowing that each day may have it's own obstacles but tomorrow is another day.  Tomorrow might be the day that is so good, I will stay just a little longer.  Days turn into months that turn into years and decades.  Eventually, you began to see that the good days truly outweigh the bad.  When you look back, you see that you have lived this wonderful life and now you are amazingly One, just as God said would happen.  

Pastor Shelia, Me, Mom, Sister Julia and Pastor Helen Bledsoe
of course it's Bo in the background...lol

My husband and I were set in on Sunday morning as Associate Pastors at Christ the King Church.  I count it a great honor to be able to serve the church that raised me.  You see, my life was the church. We lived there, ate there, went to school there, played there, of course attended services there, worshipped, learned the scripture, learned about people...the good, bad and ugly but also the the wonderful, amazing, lovely things too.  The altar area was our "pretend church" where I spent many hours "pretend preaching" and where I preached my first real sermon.  It is where I made my siblings fall out in "spirit" or as they would tell you, I knocked them out in the spirit...(maybe, maybe not).  It's at that same altar where I pray for members of my natural and church family.  My tears have covered each part of that altar.  Tears of repentance and tears of joy.  It's at that same altar that Bo and I said vows before God and our families to spend the rest of our lives together.  I am a part of Christ the King Church and it is a part of me.  

Bishop Estep (Daddy), Pastor Matt Malone, Bo and Bishop Don Bledsoe

When we put our hands on the Shepherds staff, declaring our vows to the church, I could see how God has woven His amazing plan throughout my life.  I was overwhelmed at times during the ceremony and I still have times of great emotion, just thinking about it.  

I pray that after years of service, I will be able to say what my dad says, 

"When it's bad, I can't leave
and when it's good,
I don't want to."

Beautiful and delicious cake by the one and only
Denise Kerns.

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