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hope sign

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Apartment" Dream by Juliana & Tori

Only three more sleeps until my husband comes home!  

That is how our kids use to count down to things.  How many more sleeps until the big day?  
I have been doing the same thing since he has been on this trip.  

I have a lot to countdown to...
                      Bo coming home...Juliana having the baby...Church Anniversary...VACATION...
My 25th Wedding Anniversary...Scovia having the baby...Our trip to Italy...so many things in between.

I love to dream and plan, have new ideas.  I am a true believer in dreams.  I think that everyone, everywhere, no matter age or station in life, should dream.  If you take away the dreams, you might as well just stop.  

We are a family of dreamers.  I come from a family of dreamers.  I have had a lot of my dreams come true and I am thankful that sometimes my dreams have not come true.  If I had gotten everything I ever dreamed about, my life would be a mess...true story!!  

Kelcie, Tori and Juliana

My daughter Juliana and my niece Victoria would dream of being grown ups.  They had plans...BIG PLANS!!  The one that sticks out in my mind is the "Apartment" Dream.  

Juliana and Tori are 3 months apart.  They were inseparable as children, even into their teen years.  As a matter of fact, people often thought I had triplet girls with Tori, Juliana and Kelcie because they were all similar in size and looked so much alike.  Now, back to the story.

Juliana and Tori's big dream was to have an apartment together when they turned 18.  They were going to have a house full of animals and here's the kicker...



Cheryl and I rolled laughing when they told us this.  I informed them that if this dream came true, they wouldn't have to worry about visitors because Nobody would want to come over to a dirty, stinky, animal house.  

Juliana and Tori on Juliana's Wedding Day

See, here is a crazy kid dream that made us laugh.  See, not all dreams are meant to come true, just meant to give us some stories and laughter.  But the important thing is the dream itself.  

Dreaming says that we are alive.  Dreaming says that we have Hope of something better. 

What are some of your dreams.  Have you dreamed lately?  If not, try it.  It will increase your joy. 

I hope you have a great day, full of dreams and fun planning.

Only 3 more sleeps...Only 3 more sleeps...YAY!!!


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