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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Love Ambassadors

Since I have two grandchildren on the way, I decided that I wanted to learn how to knit.  I don't want to make anything fancy or knit my whole house, I just want to make blankets, hats and scarves.  A couple of years ago, my younger sister and I took a knitting class.  We made a purse and it was fun.  That's where I stopped knitting, pretty much.  I think I picked it up a couple of times but never finished anything.  Until grand baby's 2 & 3 were on the way.  

Thank God for YouTube.  I looked up how to make a baby hat and found a great instructional video. So I have completed my first infant hat for Luke Aaron, who will be born in May.  Yes, I get made fun of by my children and nephew Jon but I love making things that are practical.  I love that one day soon, I will see my beautiful grandson wear this tiny blue hat that I made.  I am so excited.  I also made him a navy blue carseat blanket.  It's not perfect but it was my first one.  I will get better and with each grandchild, it is my goal, to make him/her a hat and blanket. 
Luke Aaron's hat
There isn't anything like creating something for someone you love.  I love giving to those I love.  It's so easy for me to give to my children, grandson, my parents, siblings, friends.  I would give them everything I have, if they needed it and I thought it would make them happy.  I look for ways to make those I love more comfortable and content.  I want to be the one who gives them what they need or want.  That is just part of who I am.  If I love you, I give to you.  It brings me pleasure.  

But what about those that grate my nerves?

What about those who are always, always, always in need?  

What about those who I have to force myself to tolerate?

And of course there are those who expect it and don't seem appreciative.  What about them?

When we are confronted by the needs of others, beyond those we love, we must draw from the knowledge that everyone is created in the image of God...even the not so pretty (inside or out).  Our love for God compels us to give and love.  Our love for God constrains our desire to ignore or walk away from someone we could help.  Our love for God helps us look beyond the faults of others to see the need.  Once we start giving because we love God, our perspective will change.  No longer will we have to draw on our love for God in order to serve but we will see God when we look into the faces of those who need our help.  

I sit here at my desk humbled by those who so willingly give to all.  I see it everyday.  Most of the givers that I know, don't have a lot of money but they have so much more than money can buy.  They have love.  They love people from all walks of life.  They give of their time, prayers, affection (pure, not put on), laughter...LOVE.  I can see these "Love Ambassadors" in my mind right now.  They bring such joy and honor to the Family of God.  I am blessed to know them.  It is my desire to love like that, to give and serve like that, to honor God like that.  

Bless someone today.  I know I say this a lot but it is constantly on my mind.  How can I bless someone today?  How can I make a difference in someone's life?  Who can I show Jesus today?  How can I be a Love Ambassador for Christ?  

It can be to your neighbor, your husband, your children, a stranger, your church...Someone, Somewhere needs YOU today.  

Nonna Christian, Landon and Mama CeCe
New Life...Amazing

The great thing about blessing someone is that you are blessed in the process.  Talking about Jesus reminds you of who HE is and lifts your spirit as you help lift someone else's. Be Blessed.  

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