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Monday, February 24, 2014

Like A Cat In A Window

This was an extremely busy weekend.  We had Friday Night Light, a baby shower, visiting with my new great nephew, church and an 18th birthday party for my niece...WHEW!!!!  I was pretty tired last night when I got home from getting groceries.

My niece Emily Miller.
I cannot wait to meet her little one.

I hope you all had a productive weekend, even if it was to catch up on your leisure time.  The next couple of weekends are going to be pretty busy around here but it's all good baby stuff, so I am not complaining.

Yes, at every turn this year, I am experiencing New Life.  Of course we are seeing it with a ton of new babies in the family, but as I look at the snow covered ground, I am reminded that the snow is watering the new life in the ground...it's just waiting until it's appointed time to come forth.  I am watching and anticipating the buds bursting through the ground to make their appearance and signal that Spring is on it's way.
I just love wrinkled baby feet.

One of the reasons this weekend was so wonderful was that the sun was shining and the air was warm and I felt like a cat sitting in the window, letting the sun hit my body...I was all warm and cozy.  Well, I guess that's more than one reason but it was amazing.  The last couple of days of warm sunshine renewed me and everyone around me.  It gave me a burst of energy and I felt happy and ready to do the work.

(sorry for the blurriness)
The three Mamas to be.  
I guess that is what Sunday is to The church...we go into the sanctuary and let the Son of God renew our body, soul and spirit.  Letting His warmth flow through us so that when we leave, we are ready to do the work.  When we neglect our weekly or bi-weekly renewal, we become depleted of nutrients to do the job that we are called to do.  It doesn't happen all at once but eventually we are out of fuel completely.  Coming into the sanctuary on Sunday morning, letting the Son refill you...creating New Life-it's all for your benefit so that you may go and serve others.

I hope you all have been renewed this weekend.  Here's a little tulip love for you.

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