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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Women Need Women

I find it funny how I chose my Word of the Year and then I get word that I might be sick.

Crazy how that happens.

My Word of the Year is "New Life" and my problems are in my female reproductive system.

I know I am not planning on having any more children.  I know I said that the "New Life" was a matter of the heart, relationships...growth.  I just think it is too strange that this is all happening at once.  Maybe I am looking too deep at the meaning of it all but I have chuckled a time or two at the timing.

This morning as I was reading some of the blogs that I look at almost everyday, I realized something...
women need other women.  We need to hear their thoughts, dreams, struggles, victories, stories...we need each others hearts.

I have been preparing for our Women Empowered Conference.  I will be speaking at one service and guess what, this is my first time speaking at a conference.  Sure, I give "speeches" in church all the time, I have taught children, teens and even adults in church, but, this is a new one for me.  Our theme is Beyond Beautiful (thank you Pastor Richard Hilton).  I have prepared, thus far, two messages...WHAT?!  Yup, two messages.  The theme for each message is kind of the same but the path is different.  OH MY GOSH!!!!  I know, I need to really see where God is wanting me to go here.

That is where my support system comes in.  I have a few seasoned ladies that I sent a text to asking for prayer about speaking what God has for the ladies.  I received great encouragement from all of them.  I tell ya, this is where I see New Birth for Kimberly Hope VanDyke.  It's where God is taking me down this new path, birthing a new fire within me.  Strengthening my friendships and even birthing new ones, strong, ordained by God for my benefit and for the benefit of Christ the King Church.

Looks like a broken shell...now you can really see the
beauty inside

I am so excited to see how God is going to pull it all together.  I am willing to do what He wants, I have great support and I know He will be with me through it all.

I pray you have a great day and know that God is with you.  Reach out to your girlfriends, encourage them today, share your heart and laugh together.  I love my man and he is my heart but I see my need for my girlfriends.

This is my season for grace, for favor.
This is my season to reap what I have sown.

Everything is working together for my good
Everything is working together for my good

It's good, It's good, It's good,
God is working for my good.

(Part of It's Working by William Murphy)

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