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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Family Table

The Family Table

To say we had a busy weekend would be such a drastic understatement.  I know you are probably sick and tired of hearing about our Women Empowered Conference and this is really not about that but bear with me.  

My husband, a great man with so many talents, was just as busy as I was.  The men in our church, took on the responsibility of the welcome reception and the brunch for all the ladies attending the conference.  They took on the set up, preparing, cooking, clean up (including washing the dishes)...so many details that goes into putting a huge party together.  They did the shopping as well.  These guys did all this and not one complaint.  Not one bad attitude.  They served us with such grace and love.  It was amazing.

When Monday rolled around and everyone went back to their daily activities of work and home, we were all exhausted.  I picked up my grandson from Playschool on Monday.  We had lunch with his Mommy and it was a good day.  But I was running out of steam when it came time for dinner.  Realizing we didn't have any meat in the house, I was so disappointed knowing that I would have to run to the grocery store at 4pm.  That is not my idea of a good time.  

Bo calls me and tells me that he will send our son Jake to the store to pick up steaks and that he will be in charge of the steaks when he gets home.  YEAH!!!!  Kimi did not have to go to the store.  I get up and cut up some potatoes and onions, put some olive oil on them with garlic and sea salt and pepper.  In the oven they go on a cookie sheet...YUMMY!!!!!!  The asparagus goes in beside them a little while later...YUMMY!!!!  Bo comes home and heats up the grill on top of the stove...YUMMY!!!!!  We have iced tea and Scovia butters some Italian bread and puts it in the toaster over...YUMMY!!!!  We ate so good that night.  But what stands out the most was our time around the table.  We prepared this meal together, ate together, cleaned up together...FAMILY!

My kids are all grown.  Juliana and Kelcie don't live in our home anymore. (Kelcie does when she is home from college).  Most days, it's just the four of us around the table.  Some days, we are so rushed or preoccupied with life that dinner time is rushed.  Monday, it was perfect.  We sat around the table, talking, laughing and just being a family.  It was a wonderful, relaxing time.  

Our first family table
I know we hear this a lot, but it bears repeating...spend time as family around the dinner table. Growing up, we always ate dinner around the table.  There wasn't anyone in another room while dinner was going on.  We sat together.  We talked about the day, we laughed, we were a family.  I raised my kids the same way.  When it was just Bo and I, we ate our dinner at the table.  With each new baby, we sat at the table.  They started in their carriers to the high chair and eventually to a big chair.  (Juliana broke two big chairs in one week so she really had a special seat...it was one of her broken ones with no back because she thought every chair was a rocking chair.  Smallest kid...broke more chairs than a fat person on worn wicker)   We had the table set with forks and knives and a napkin.  It wasn't always perfect, but it was something my kids could always count on.  Give up the TV for an hour or so and enjoy your family.  These days go so fast and are special.  Even the world recognizes the sanctity of the family table.  

When all the kids are home with their spouses and grand babies, the table is a place for coming together. I love the family table.  This is where you share your heart about all things.  Use this time to teach manners, talk about the LORD, little life lessons.  The table is where your children learn to say a prayer of thanks before their meal.  This is probably the first place they will ever pray out loud in front of people...practicing their Faith.  It's so important.  

Letting Henry be a part of the process
Stirring the soup with Pop

If you do not eat around the table, let me encourage you today to start.  Clean all the books, purses, papers, diaper bags, toys, crayons, groceries...STUFF off the table.  Have your little ones help you set the table with a plate, fork, knife (they need to learn to cut their food), napkin and drink.  Let them be a part of the family table.  We always sit in the same spot...it's our place at the table.  Let them help you prepare the food...put the salt and pepper on the table, put the bread on the table.  Be a family.

I hope this has helped someone today.  I love the family table.  It brings peace to my heart and makes us stronger.

Be blessed today.

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