hope sign

hope sign

Friday, December 13, 2013


During Sunday's snow storm.  This is the whiteout. 

I am running behind today.  So I will wish you a Happy Weekend.  I pray you are warm, fed, happy and healthy.  I pray that God gives you the opportunity to help someone this weekend.  The great joy of being His hand extended to someone in need.  A kind word, a smile, a warm hug, a meal, a gift, a cup of coffee...how will God use you this weekend?

This little cone head flower looks like a mushroom
I love it.

Hope is the Vision of Faith...Faith is the Feet of Hope.  Faith is not just wishing in your heart, it is ACTION.  Hope turns Wision (wishing and vision) into Vision.  Faith turns our Vision into Reality.

Snow stuck on everything, even little scraggly plants.

Be blessed this weekend and BE A BLESSING to someone else.

I love this pic.  One of my favorites that I took.
Nature, did all the work for me.  Even the
white background...lol

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