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Monday, December 23, 2013

Now, I Gotta Wrap Gifts!!!

At our house, before the Church Party.

I am so thankful and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful, crazy, loving church.  Christ The King Church is the best.  Our church is full of kind hearted, fun loving, amazing people.  Who freely give of themselves to help others in need and do it with a smile on their faces.

Last night we had our annual Christmas celebration.  It was a Winter Wonderland.  The hall was decorated beautifully, the food was amazing and we had enough homemade desserts for three parties. Everyone was full of Christmas Spirit and ready to have a good time.  We had some dancing, laughing, singing, laughing, eating, laughing.  I laughed almost the whole night.  We took pictures in costumes and of course laughed some more.

Last night we had babies and older saints together in one room.  There was so much love in our little fellowship hall, which could not hold one more person...I think we need a bigger hall.

Everyone looked their best and celebrated our Saviors birth in style.  I have to say, the best looking and stylish man there was....MY BO!!!  I think he was the most photographed, as well.  Of course, his wife was the one taking the pictures...:)

I had such a good time.  But now, I have to finish wrapping gifts, get everything ready for Christmas dinner, time for home activities.  The next couple of days will be full of activities and family and everything good...at least that is my plan.  

So, I want to wish you all A Very Merry Christmas!!!  I pray blessings for you and your family.  I hope you spend your days in the embrace of someone you love, with music, food and joy unspeakable.  

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