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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Heart & Talent

Three Most Beautiful Ladies
Aunt Hopie (left), My Mama (middle), Aunt Savilla (right)
Juliana's Wedding

I love learning new things.  

I love art.  All things about art.  Going from nothing on a canvas, to a light outline, the magic of a flat hat turning into a fluffy, pink bonnet.  I find it fun and amazing.  

At church we have been preparing for a craft fair.  We have a wonderful, beautiful lady who has more talent in her little finger than most of us have in our whole body.  Her name is Savilla Vaught.  This lady made my first prom dress in 1988.  She can sew, paint, draw, cut hair...you name it, she can do it. She is truly gifted.  She has made costumes for church plays, puppets for the children, decorations for the sanctuary.

Max the dog from The Grinch...made by Aunt Savilla

Animals for the children's Christmas play
Aunt Savilla putting last minute touches on them

The Lord showed her a way to send money to our churches in the Philippines...a craft fair.  We make the stuff, we sell it and all the monies will be sent to Streams Of Living Waters Ministries in Palawan, Philippines.  

I think what God didn't tell her was that all of her helper/students are beginners.  She has been at the church every Sunday afternoon till evening and every Monday night from 6:30- at least 11:00 pm. Giving of her time, talent and money.  

I am so thankful for Savilla.  I call her Aunt Savilla because she has been my Aunt Hopie's best friend since I can remember.  She has been so patient with us, encouraging us, laughing with us (not at us). She is a teacher with a heart for her subject, students and cause.  

Here is the card I painted last night.  I know it is not perfect but it is cute.  If Aunt Savilla did it, you wouldn't see any mistakes or flaws but alas, Kimi did it.  I do like fluffy snowmen.

I call it the Savilla & Hopie Series...
Savilla is talking & Hopie is listening

I hope we do her proud on Saturday, December 7th.  Some people are all heart and some people are all talent.  Aunt Savilla Vaught is both.  What a combination.  

We are truly blessed at Christ the King Church.

Here are some pics from our art class.







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