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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Embrace The Season

Well the Christmas season is in full swing around here.  This week is full of activities and planning for activities.  My house is starting to really look festive, inside and out.  Henry got to sit in Santa's sleigh today and he told me, "Santa is gonna be sooo happy."

Henry next to the wooden reindeer 

Henry in Santa's Sleigh

In the middle of decorating, planning, baby sitting and every day stuff, we are sprucing up our front or formal living room.  Paint is on the walls and ceiling, the new floors will be put down tomorrow and the furniture will hopefully be here next week.  I love my wall color, Benjamin Moore Pewter.  It really warms up the room.  We are getting hard wood floors to replace the yucky white carpet that the previous owners put in.  Those two things alone will be a huge improvement in there.  But as a wonderful bonus, we are getting new furniture.  Arhaus is where our sofa, two chairs and coffee table are coming from.  I want to live in their showroom.  The salesman said I could but it would require some light dusting.  I cannot wait until it all comes together.

So for now, my dining room is full of stuff that was in my front room, the lights on my foyer tree work...sometimes and tomorrow there will be strangers in my house and you know what...I am still in the Christmas Spirit.  The busyness of it all has not gotten to me...yet.  I am looking forward to baking cookies, working the craft fair, going to Christmas parties, decorating the fellowship hall for the Church Christmas party, singing carols, going to New York City with my sisters and our honey's for the day, seeing The Story in Hershey Park, PA, Christmas shopping...I love it ALL!!

I hope you are all enjoying every aspect of this joyous season of celebration.  Celebrating the birth of our Savior, celebrating a time that we set aside to focus on family, love, joy, peace, goodwill, giving...all things good.  You see, this celebration starts within our own hearts.  It starts long before December rolls around each year.  It starts when we look around us and truly see how blessed we are.  It is when we realize that it's all about Him.  He was, is and is to come.  He is the way, the truth, the life.  His WORD doesn't say that he is a way, one of many truths and an alternative life...HE IS THE ONLY WAY, TRUTH, LIFE.  It's all wrapped up in Him.  So when we think of this amazing God that we serve, coming to earth in the most helpless form, a baby, growing and experiencing humanity fully, giving His all for us on the cross, defeating death, hell and the grave...we can honestly say, What a mighty God we serve!  

Celebrate Him and the blessings He has given you.  Even the hard times are a gift, they say it helps you appreciate the good times.  Embrace the season.  

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