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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I was joking around with Bo this morning and I said, "I forgive you because I live in forgiveness." Now, we were just joking around about him not calling me when he gets to work and it's bad weather. We both laughed and he told me that I am so funny.  But it got me to thinking...What does it mean to live "in" forgiveness??

I find it very easy to forgive those I love but hard to forgive those I don't like.  I can forgive someone that I know loves me way easier than someone who is indifferent to me or dislikes me.  But we are to always forgive.  That is hard but so necessary.

To live in forgiveness doesn't mean that you don't feel the hurt and have to process through it.  It does mean that you don't become a resident of the Bitterness Hotel.  Forgiveness is a deliberate action.

I love Christine Caine.  She is a powerful conference speaker and a leader in the A21 Campaign to end Human Trafficking.  I heard her say that she had been abused for 12 years of her life but she prefers to see that for the last 20 years, she has been free.  She walks in forgiveness.  Did she have to deal with what happened to her?  Yes, but she doesn't live in the past.  AMAZING!!

I know some things are so very hard to forgive.  It's hard to move on.  But Jesus makes all things new. If we can forgive, we can be made whole.  If we hold on to unforgiveness, we will always be fractured, in pain, and acting accordingly.

You know, I just had a thought that made me laugh and say, "so true."  I find it easier to forgive big things than little things.  Little things people say in passing, the look someone can give me, as if to say that I am ridiculous.  If someone embarrasses me with belittling me or making fun...that's a hard one.  Especially when they don't apologize...AHHHH!!!  I have to remind myself, "Kimi, forgive them.  Jesus forgives you all the time.  You are not better than Him...FORGIVE!!!"  (Yes, I talk to myself.  I think I am very funny...lol)

I am in love with snowy woods.  

Let me encourage you, forgive easily.  There is freedom in forgiveness and bondage in unforgiveness. You release yourself from the chains that someone has placed on your heart, mind, body and soul when you forgive.  It's for you.  It's also for them.  Free them.  Love them.  You can do it.  God has empowered you to live a life in forgiveness.

Funny note: Bo is at work and still hasn't called to tell me...he will never learn...lol.  It's a good thing he is so cute and easy to forgive...I just love this man!!

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