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hope sign

Monday, December 9, 2013


View from the front porch.

I am sitting here at the quiet kitchen table, thinking about snow days past.  Three kids in their pj's till time to play outside, hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, movies, popcorn, sleds, snow packed boots, gloves, scarves and coats on the side porch of our old house.  Snow days were always joyous and loud.  Now, there is silence, except for the sound of Bo shoveling the driveway.

I can sit here so caught up in the past, become very sad, dreaming of yesteryear.  I can hold on to these memories until they steal all the joy of the moment.  It's not bad to remember the good times, to reminisce and hold these past moments in your heart.  We just have to be careful not to let our past steal from our present.

Enjoying today, the moment I am in, the gift of today...that is what I am doing.  Yes, I miss my babies being babies.  I do miss the cuddles on the couch, watching Disney movies while singing all the songs to the top of our lungs.  To be honest, I am enjoying sitting in the quiet, drinking a cup of coffee, looking out at the beautiful snow, making raggy garland with my daughter in law, Scovia...making new memories.  I still sing songs throughout the house, at the top of my lungs...some things will never change.

Raggy garland, Scovia and I made during the snow.
Link...how to make Raggy Vines

Without change, growth cannot take place.  Here I go again with my word for the year...Change.  If my kids stayed little forever, that would be horrible.  With each change, there was growth, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  I would sit and look at a fall school picture and a spring picture, it was amazing, the difference just a couple of months could make.  My son, Jake, he had a green shirt that he wore for spring pictures THREE years in a row.  This shirt was never too big for him and never too small.  How does that happen?  I called it his Children of Israel shirt.  During that time, he went up 4 pant sizes.  We were amazed at this shirt that grew with him...it was crazy.

THE shirt
This was with the same shirt, just cropped.

Life is change.  Changing of the seasons...LIFE.  Changing of a couple becoming parents...LIFE. Changing of parents becoming grandparents...LIFE.  Change is the scary unknown but it also brings excitement, renewed vigor, dreams realized, new dreams to dream...LIFE.

I am thankful for the changes in my children, family, life.  We are growing in numbers, in love, in thankfulness...to quote one of my favorite movies...
                        It's A Wonderful Life.

I pray you can see the wonderful changes around you.  Enjoy your life, it is a blessing.

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