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Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Love

We had a wonderful Christmas 2013.

My Juliana being silly with my scarf.
I have to say, she is beautiful.

I loved having all the kids here Christmas night.  Watching Henry open his gifts (he was not impressed with his clothes).  He loves his drum set from his Pop and I and his Scovia).  He told me, after his drums were all set up, "Look Grammy, I'm a drummer now!".  He was all smiles and he hardly left the family room, all evening.
workbench (thanks Uncle Jake & Aunt

Henry giving us a show

It's the family time that makes Christmas glow.  
        Playing games in the dining room, laughing so hard you have to run to the potty.

  Reading the Christmas story to my grandson, him asking questions about baby Jesus.

Jake and Scovia gave me the Creche for my Nativity.

                       Seeing the love between my children and their spouses, warms my heart.

 Opening a gift from my daughter, made by her own hands with total love.

My prayer for my kids...dance.

              Sitting next to my grandmother, watching my husband make her laugh.

Going to the Christmas Eve service, watching the kids sign to Silent Night while the adults sing in candle light.

I want the magic to continue throughout the next year.  Growing in love and embracing the grace God has so freely given us.

This man is crazy

I know 2014 will hold it's own challenges, triumphs, changes and joys.  But I will hold Christmas 2013 in my heart, looking at the pictures, reliving the quiet moments, enjoying the fun times.

Henry, his mommy and Aunt Wendy watching
the train in the Tea Shop window

I pray you can look back on Christmas 2013 and find something to be thankful for.  Something to hold close to your heart.  Whether it is a moment of joy, a feeling of awe, the quiet of the snow fall, the carols declaring the birth of our Savior...hold whatever it is, close to your heart.

Kelcie and I catching snowflakes on our tongues,
Christmas Eve

And one last thing.... I'm going to Italy.  My husband surprised me with a trip for the fall!!!  

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