hope sign

hope sign

Monday, October 7, 2013


I love weekends that I get to reconnect with Bo.  I am a firm believer that you have to stop regular life sometimes and just enjoy the mate that God gave you.

Friday, Bo came home early to pick me up and off we went to our favorite Hotel, just about 50 minutes away.  We had a special dinner, went to a show, walked around the city, held hands, talked.  It was wonderful.

I am so happy that after 24 years of marriage, Bo still likes to hang out with me and I still like to hang out with him.

Throughout our marriage, Bo has always taken the time to make sure that we have time together.  Now that our kids are all grown, you would think that it is easier to just up and go, but it's not.  Well, I guess it is in a way because we don't have to find a babysitter but life is still full of responsibilities and we have to plan these special days.

I am thankful for the blessing of my husband.  I am thankful that he still shows me that he loves me.  I am so super thankful that he still wants to hold my hand, rub my feet after taking off my heels, surprises me with chocolate covered strawberries and just sits with me, listening to me talk.

My Hot shoes.  Love them!!!

So many times, we as wives, forget to tell our husbands how much we appreciate them.  We hear so much about how wives feel unappreciated but what about husbands.  Just like us, they have to make sacrifices, putting their own desires aside at times for what is better for the family.  On TV they are depicted as stupid and underhanded.  They are the joke of the family.  Making the wife and the children smarter and more capable than the dad.  

I often wonder if it is the intention of the media to break up the family unit in order to push their own agendas.  So they go after the head of the family, the dad, and the rest will be destroyed because the covering is gone.  

I am thankful that my husband and most of the men I know, take being husbands and fathers very seriously.  They put their families needs before their own.  It brings them joy when the home is at peace.  They take their family to church and worship beside them.  Teaching their children about God, love and respect.  

I love it that my husband is handsome, smart, funny, loves me, the kids and most of all that he loves God and allows God to move in his life.  

I love you BO!!! 

I hope you all have a great week.   Look around and see the blessings that God has given you today. His mercies are new every morning.