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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What Inspires You?

Have you ever needed to be inspired to do something?  Something like, clean your bedroom.  My bedroom is the last room to be cleaned.  It always has been.  The rest of the house can be totally clean and my bedroom looks like a bomb went off in it.  I don't know why this is.

This morning I woke up and thought, THIS HAS GOT TO GET DONE TODAY!!!  So I rolled out of bed, put a load of laundry in, emptied the trash in the bathroom and next to my vanity, put my shoes away...it already looks so much better.  Unfortunately, I am not finished.  I still need to make my bed, do the rest of my laundry, dust, vacuum, put bags away, put clothes away, probably, put more shoes away.  Now, I do wash my sheets every week but the rest of it gets away from me.

What inspires you to clean?  Sometimes, for me, it is getting something new.  If I have new sheets or pillows, I want to make my room look really pretty and I get up and clean.  It can be having guests and not wanting them to see what a messy Marvin I am.  It can be a pretty day and I just become a "white tornado" (Bo's words), cleaning everything in my path.  Lately, I have been cleaning everything, down to the yucky places in the laundry room.  No, I'm not nesting.  I am not sure what it is.  But, my bedroom still got left to the last.

So today, I will open the windows in the master bedroom, let the cool and crisp breeze fill up the space and I will clean.  When Henry gets here from school, he will help and make me laugh in the process.  I guess I talked myself into inspiration.  Gosh, there really is power in the tongue.

Have a blessed day.  I hope you are inspired to do something good today.

Some visual inspiration for bedrooms that I found on Pinterest.  So beautiful.

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