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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Good Day & My Favorite Things

My poor little Henry has a stomach bug today.  He is home with his Mommy, I am sure all snuggled up and happy.  But yesterday, we had a blast.  After he got out of school, we started our active day.

When Henry arrived, there was a front end loader in our side yard.  They are doing the prep work for the tree man to come and take down several trees in our front, side and back yard.  Seeing big yellow anything is exciting to a little boy.  Just like big boys, they want to play with construction equipment.  Of course, the answer was no but I did play hide and seek with him.

We made cupcakes, cut flowers ( I let him, with my assistance, use my clippers) to dry, checked the mail, played basketball, played hide and seek...we were busy!!  This may not seem like too much but when you are three, have already been to school, like to run away from Grammy so she has to catch you...this can wear you smack out.  At about 4 pm, Henry crashed on his little chair while watching TV.

It was such a good day.

Thinking about this lovely day spent with my grandson, I want to share with you, a few of my favorite things.

Talenti Gelato...Sea Salt Caramel
Date Nights with Bo
Sunday Dinner with my husband and children
The Beach
Sea Breezes
Sisters Weekends
Morning Coffee in a pretty mug
Kisses from Henry
My new office
The Bible

It's remembering the days like yesterday, remembering to think of our blessings and some of our favorite things, that gets us from focusing on what is wrong and enjoying what is amazing in our lives. 

I choose today to be happy, fulfilled, embracing the grace that God has given me.  My security is not in the Government in Washington DC.  My security is not in whether the economy is good or not.  My security is in Jesus Christ.  He alone has all authority.  He alone has all power.  He alone is GOD!!!  What is happening today is not a surprise to Him.  He holds my world in His hands.  I'm OK!!!  

Enjoy your day and think of a few of your favorite things.   

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