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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Who Will Be Our Hero, America?

How divided a country are we?  

Tonight I was watching the news and something struck me...We are so divided that everyone’s motives are questionable and everyone is suspect.  I have never written about political things but I am so saddened.  

We have two sides, Democrats and Republicans (Liberals and Conservatives).  

Now let me state, I am a Republican.  I don’t apologize for that or hide it. 

On the news, they were going through supporters of the President’s proposed attack on Syria and his opposition.  It came down like this.

If you support the President all the time, you are for the war.  If you never support the President, you are against the war.  

It sickened me.  Because of poor leadership (both sides), our country cannot come together to make a decision that will impact all of our lives and the lives of the Syrian people.  Our leaders are so bent on being right that it makes them hard hearted.  You cannot reason with a fool, you will only leave frustrated and exhausted.  That is what we are dealing with in Washington.  

I was talking to my husband about this and he asked me, “What will unite the American people again?”  

My answer, “We need a villain or a hero.”  

Who is going to stand up and do the right thing?

Who is going to lead instead of pass the buck onto the next guy?

If our President would have shown a little bit of respect to former President Bush, I do believe this would be a different article.  

It’s hard to demand respect and authority if your whole life has been about disrespect and authority bashing.

I don’t know how I feel about Syria.  I am too distracted by the infighting and dishonorable motives of our Congress, Senate and White House.  

When your administration has divided a country so greatly, there is a problem.  

It shouldn’t be Republicans against Democrats...It shouldn’t be Liberals against Conservatives.


                                                                                           UNITED UNITED UNITED!!!  

Without a consensus about Syria, we are quickly becoming the Divided Americans.  

Who will be our HERO?

I know some reading this will question my motives because I am a Republican.  

No, I do not blame the President for everything that is wrong.  I know we have a lot of blame to go around. 

But like my dad told me once, "When it all comes down to it, because I am the father, I am ultimately responsible."  

I hope our President feels the same about our country who is needing a leader, a protector, an honorable hero.  All of these things I attribute to being a Father.  I have seen these qualities in my Father, in my Husband, in Past Presidents…Now, it's his turn.  Find a way to unite us again.  Our families are counting on it.

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