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hope sign

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I love to laugh...

 As I am sitting in my bed, all propped up on pillows because, my grandson pounced on me yesterday and my back is in revolt, I needed a laugh.  So I went to past pictures and this is what I found.
Nothing makes you feel as good as laughter.  I hope you enjoy.

I love Henry's smile here.  Makes me laugh.

Those eyes full of mischief.  I love it.

Jenna, Gabe, Juliana, Kelcie and Autumn at the
Youth 80's Party 2009

Daddy in Hatteras trying on a hat with surfer hair.
See Mom in the mirror, laughing at Daddy.

Christian and Patrick,
The popular girl and the nerd

Bo found himself some Joe Dirt hair and hat...Cracks me up
Mom sporting 2010 glasses at Kelcie's graduation party

Patrick the nerd for our Youth 80's party
Julia sporting her glasses.  I think she is telling me not to take
the pic...I didn't listen...lol

Cheryl, Me and Bo in NYC.  We had to potty.  Doing the Potty Cheer.

Cheryl and I on the big girl potty!!  Too much fun.

This is a great pic of Presley...ooooooo

Jacob roaring at me, at least that's what it looks like.

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