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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

You Could Have Peed On My Head

Me 24 years ago at my High School graduation

24 years ago, about this time of year, I was a newlywed and newly pregnant.  I grew up in Maryland but had never had the pleasure of having crabs, until after I was married.

Bo had to teach me the skill of picking crabs and getting my hands all messy (Never a fan of messy hands).  We ate crabs until we were full and then headed home to our tiny 1 bedroom apartment.

We watched TV until we fell asleep on our pull out couch.  Yes, our bedroom was only big enough for a bed OR dressers so we had to make a choice.  We chose a pull out couch.  It was comfy for the most part.  Never bothered me until like the 8th month of pregnancy.

Back to the story…

About 2:00 AM, I wake up sick as a dog!

I almost had to crawl to the bathroom.

I was disposing of the crabs from my first crab feast.

Laying on the bathroom floor, I hear someone coming into the kitchen and the door opens…

It's Him…

my Hubby…

He's going to wipe my head and get me a drink and do all the things that my mom would do if I were still at home, right?


My wonderful husband steps over me and pees in the toilet, turns around, steps back over me and goes back to bed!!!!!

I am an 18 year old, pregnant, sick, red headed ball of anger by this time.  My only thought was, How could he do this to me?  Doesn't he even care that I am so sick.  I am pregnant with his baby and he doesn't even ask me if I am OK?

Okay, maybe more than one thought…

I finish with my sickness, clean up the bathroom, get my own drink and go back to bed…ANGRY!!

He gets up in the morning all chipper and of course, I am not.  I watch him get up and my mind is racing 100 miles an hour.  I had so much to say to him but the only thing that came out was,

"You could have peed on my head!!!"  

He turns and looks at me like I am crazy.  "What are you talking about?"  This question makes me even more mad.  I explain the whole situation and then I realize, he had no idea what had happened.  He was asleep the whole time.  We laughed, he apologized and it has become a favorite story of mine.

Isn't life funny!!  I am sick today and this story came to my mind as I was laying in my bed, feeling horrible.  I guess it could be worse…lol

I hope you all have a great day and that you are all well.

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