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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back To School

Kelcie's 1st day of her Senior Year

This whole week I have been looking at photos of children going back to school.  Little half smiles and fresh clothes, new hairdos and book bags,  all ready for another school year.

The first day school was always a big day here at our house.  We would have pancakes or french toast, my mother in law always came over to take pictures with the kids, after school there were so many stories and always homework for the parents (lots of paperwork to fill out) and we always had a special dinner.

I never looked forward to the first day of school for my kids but we always made it special.

Juliana's first day of her Senior Year

Our neighbor, Mrs. Josephine White (a retired school teacher/librarian), would bring the kids over some cupcakes with pink frosting.  She was an amazing neighbor.  She loved our children and they loved her.

The first day of school always felt like the first day of fall for me.  It's when you know your summer is over and a schedule is back in place.

Now there is a time to go to bed and a time to get up.  Back to snacks after school, homework and playtime.  Supper was as soon as Daddy gets home from work and stories about our day around the dinner table.  Baths and a couple of shows on TV and bed time snacks, then time for bed again.

Oh how I miss those days.  Life changes quickly and when you are the child in school, it seems to go so slowly but when you are the parent, it's just a blink.

I pray every kid starting a new school year has the best one yet.  I pray they are safe and protected from danger of any kind.

Have a blessed day.

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