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hope sign

Monday, July 29, 2013

My Blessings...

Today is my 42nd birthday.  So to celebrate, I am going to share with you my blessings.  Some of these pictures you have seen and some you have not.  These are the ones I could find today.  Truly, so many people in my life bring me great joy and I am so thankful for all of them.
Me and my sisters

My in-laws…The VanDyke's…love these guys

Henry and Papa at church

Kelcie and Autumn

Wendy and Emily

The Courts…love this couple

Our babies…Jacob, Presley and Henry

Some of our girls…Tori, Scovia, Juliana, Kelcie and Jenna

My Henry

Jake as a baby

Henry as a baby

My Home

Me as a baby

Darling, we are fabulous

Sarah, you are stunning

The Brady's…nope, The Goldstein's

The Wrights

Jacob…love this

Presley…love this

My Kelcie…the magic dragon

Kelcie and Jenna

Kelcie and Bubba

My Henry

Emily and Juliana


His favorite position…reading a book

Kelcie, Henry, and Juliana…they own my heart

My beautiful amazing grandmother.  Mom Mom Alice

My Amazing Aunt Hopie and Great Friend, Denise

Tori, Juliana and Kelcie 

Me and my Mama

4 Generations, Juliana, Mom Mom Alice, Me and Daddy

The Smiths and Millers

The Andy VanDyke's

The Erdners

Jake and Scovia

The Niles 3…4 is on the way

The Tripletts

Kelcie, Jenna & Juliana on the bottom

Jake and Scovia

The Estepsn 2, Wrights, Goldsteins & VanDyke's

Jake and Lauren

Juliana and Kelcie

Jake and Scovia

Jake and Scovia

Sarah…friends till the end

Bo, Keyaira and Melody

Tori and Presley

The Supremes…Love these gals

The Wrights and Grapes

The Goldsteins, Feesers and Niles

The Newlyweds...

The Cloughs

My Daddy

My Juliana

My Bubba…Gabriel

Me and my love

My cowboy

Our family

Me & Vikie…yes, we are stylin!!

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