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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Did It Hurt?

Henry loves to dress up as a super hero

I love Henry's imagination, his ability to look at a horrible drawing of a T-Rex and exclaim, 

"Dammy, that's the best T-Rex ever!!"

I love it that he likes to dress up as super hero's and he truly trusts that good things happen.  He loves Iron Man, Spider Man, The Hulk, Super Man and Dinosaurs.


The other day we were putting his stepping stone in the front flower garden and laying across the garden was a snake skin.  

YUCK…GROSS…WHERE'S THE FORMER TENANT…these were my thoughts!!!

Henry says, "What's that Dammy?"  I tell him it is a snake skin and his reply made me laugh and surprised me.


He was concerned for the snake that it hurt when his skin came off.  What a kid!!  

I don't know if it hurt the snake and honestly, I hope I never see the snake that left his trash in my yard. But I will never forget the compassion of my grandson.  I love the memories we are making here on Coachman Drive.  

It is in the dailiness of life where memories are made and love is formed.  It is in walking around the garden, looking at the flowers, bouncing the ball where hearts are knit together and grandchildren learn from their grandparents.  OR should I say, when grandparents learn from their grandchildren.  

I am learning Henry's great love for animals, cute ones and scary ones.  He is one great kid!!!!  I love being his Grammy/Dammy.  

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