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hope sign

Friday, June 14, 2013

Home Office Update

Work has continued on my home office.  It seems like this is taking forever but I think I am a little picky.  I didn't think it would be this hard to make decisions.  I finally put up some curtains, which was a hard decision in itself.  I debated whether to put up anything on the windows because I love looking out at the trees and all the different seasons BUT on a couple of mornings, I could barely see in here.  The sun was shining so brightly that I had trouble getting work done.  So, curtains went up.  I love Home Goods.  I found curtains that are sheer but with flair and the best part was I didn't spend an arm and a leg.  Very affordable.  I also got a reading chair with a beautiful soft throw.

Rugs, rugs, rugs…THE HARDEST DECISION!!!!  I finally picked one out but let me tell you, I wanted someone else to make this decision for me.  I knew I wanted something graphic but not a lush or high pile rug.  While looking I noticed that there is a whole lot of ugly out there.  I thought the 80's was gone but it's not.  I guess in the right setting but my little office is not the place for 1982 to land, that is for sure.

There is still a lot to do.  We are installing an old mantle and I need a place to do projects.  Bo said, "Pretty soon you won't have any floor left."  But I told him that this is a working office.  I want something pretty but functional.  I need a place to create and write and wrap gifts and read.

I am loving my new office and I do spend a lot of time in here.  It just feels like me.  I guess we have to see rooms like we see ourselves.  We are not just one thing, we are many things.  I am wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, cousin, Grammy, grand daughter.  I am a writer, photographer, teacher, youth minister, worship leader, business owner.  My office has to embrace all the aspects of me in order to function properly for me.

Here are some pics of the progress.  I hope you like them.

after putting up the curtains...

My desk chair and a rug (must have according to my

Love my chair.  Very comfy and cozy.  This is not the final resting place
for said chair but this is it's home for now.

My sofa and rug.  The rug and pillow are navy blue.  You can't
really tell that in the pics, they kind of look black.  

I absolutely love love love this pillow.  

A closer look at the rug.

pic from the hall door

Coffee time…Henry's truck

Love this frame from my friend, Nancy.  Put little mans
pic in it from his first Easter.  

Have a wonderful summer weekend.  Be blessed and look around to notice and be thankful for all that God has provided for you and those you love.  I will be spending my weekend with friends worshipping and fellowshipping in the House of God.


  1. Look great Kim! It really does look like "you" :) Enjoy!

    1. Thank you Pearl. I love it. I am enjoying it and Henry loves it too. Maybe one day you can come see it and we can visit. Love ya.