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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Refreshing Desert

Trees growing in the middle of the rock…amazing
I am back!!!  We had a wonderful time in Arizona.  I never thought I would like the desert but I was wrong.  The desert is so varied.  Where you think that nothing would or could grow, you have flowers and bushes and little trees.  Where there is sand, and dirt and only dry land to the natural eye, underneath, flows water, nourishment, life.

The Grand Canyon
I am so thankful for the time in the desert.  It deepened my love for God's wonderful creation.  It opened my eyes to the depth of the spirit that is imitated in the natural.  Mountain tops, valleys, dry places, streams of living waters…it's all there.  All the colors are in the Canyons, the sky is painted with yellows, oranges, blues and reds, the trunks of the trees are green, black, brown and red…it is breath taking.  In Sedona, the sky plays with the rocks all day long.  Changing the look and feel throughout the day so when you turn around, you are always seeing something new.


We think of the desert as a bad place, but I found that it is a place to reconnect to our Creator.  To be nourished in the warmth of the sun and to slow down.  It is a time when you are more aware of how much we truly rely on God to give us what we need.  We take the time to make sure that we are keeping ourselves hydrated.  We tend to linger in dehydration in the green places but to do that in the desert would be disastrous.
Bo at the Grand Canyon
If you feel like you are in the desert in your life right now, don't be discouraged.  Take the time to recharge and rest.  The desert can be a wonderful place.
Me at Red Rock Park

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