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hope sign

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spontaneous Fun

Tulips in the kitchen window.  Such beauty.

I missed blogging yesterday due to lack of discipline and planning.  There, that is my confession of the day…lol.  There are days that you just have to change up the regular routine.  We had our Tuesday morning Leadership breakfast and after I got home, my routine was shot.  Henry and I went to my mothers so he could play with his cousin, Presley and I was able to visit with my parents.  Ended the day at New Testament Greek 102.  Yes, my day was different than I had planned but it was a really good day.

If we live life too wrapped up in our plans than we don't leave room for spontaneous fun.  It's in the spontaneous fun days or moments that memories are made.  Henry and Presley had me build them a fort/castle in my parents sitting room.  They had a blast running around, eating pizza and drinking juice out of matching cups…making memories.  They may not remember yesterday specifically but I will and my parents will.

I hope you each have a little spontaneous fun today.  A moment that sets today apart from yesterday.  I still went to my meeting and to my class but in the middle of it all I felt refreshed and content.  I am looking forward to my day.  What will set this day apart from my yesterday?  One thing never changes, I am living a blessed life!!!

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