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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

God's Still Doing Miracles

When I was a teenager, our church was going to put on a Christmas Play called, A Miracle Happened At Christmas.  It was a great musical with Mr. Crankite, Carol (the main character), Davy, Mom and Dad…etc.  The play had some great music for the time and we listened to it over and over again.  We ended up putting the play on the shelf because we just couldn't get it together.  Jump ahead 15 years and now a new group of kids at the church need a Christmas play.  I go to the back room of the church and find, A Miracle Happened At Christmas.  I call the publisher and get whatever they have left of the recordings and I direct my own kids doing this musical.  The most serious song out of the play is God's Still Doing Miracles.  My niece, Jenna, played the part of a deaf girl who gets a music box, mistakenly for Christmas.  But she starts humming with the music, yes, it's one of the miracles that Christmas.  The play ends in a big finale with all the miracles and choir singing God's Still Doing Miracles all together.  Very powerful ending.

The song God's Still Doing Miracles is running through my head today.  I do believe in a miracle working God.  Yesterday we got word from Africa about just how God worked a miracle for a friend of ours.  He prayed for his sister in law who at 32 weeks pregnant was in labor and needed to have surgery because of a cyst in her uterus that was making her bleed and needed to be removed right away.  After hours of trying to get her into surgery, our friend asked the doctor if he could pray for her because his sister in law was getting weaker and the baby's heart beat was very low.  They were both in danger of not making it.  He said as soon as he said AMEN, her water broke and out popped a beautiful baby girl!!!!  God answered his prayer immediately!  It was a miracle and the baby and mother are now getting the care that they need in the hospital.  It so affected the doctor that he asked our friend to pray for all the mothers in labor and so he got to pray and share Jesus with the ladies.

I know we sometimes wonder if He still does miracles and I am here to say, YES HE DOES!!!  So if your in need, be encouraged that we serve a God of wonders.  He loves us and He wants good things for us.  Sometimes the miracles don't happen suddenly but sometimes they do.  Don't give up!  So many of us give up right before our miracle comes.  Keep holding on to the promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Even in the middle of trial and pain, you can rest in the knowledge that God is on your side.  Be blessed today.  Find something good to focus on.  He makes all things new!

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