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hope sign

Monday, February 25, 2013

What's The Word On Your Street????

I was walking on the beach praying,  I looked down and found
this rock shaped like a heart.  I took it as God's sign to say
Kimi, I love you, I hear you.  I will keep it forever.

I am sitting here watching Henry roll around on the floor but keeping his eyes on the TV.  He is watching Sesame Street.  The word on the street is QUEST.  This is one episode that Henry will love because he loves knight things.  He likes Mike the Knight and swords and horses.  The thought came to my mind, What's the word on your street?  I could put it this way, "What is the word for your day?"

Our words have such power.  Life and death is in the power of the tongue.  We have the authority to speak good things into our own lives.  Sesame Street takes a word and builds a whole show around that word.  We can do the same thing.  Take a word and build our day around it.  If it is too hard to take the whole day then start with an hour.

If you took the word POSITIVE and built your day around being positive, thinking positive, speaking positive, praying positive, your day would be positive.  It may sound simplistic but it works.  In January, I chose a word for the year, Change.  I can see how my life has changed in so many ways.  I have written about change and I have focused on change.  Now, not all the change has been easy or comfortable or wanted but I knew that word was going to dictate my year.  I knew this because there were plans being made that were changing my life forever.  I have found that one change usually leads to another.  So I am embracing the changes as much as I can.  Taking them as they come and dealing with my feelings as they come.

Today my word is love.  I am not eliminating my word of the year but today I am embracing love.  I will focus on things that I love.  I love my family, my friends, my community, my grandson's laugh, taking photos, writing, God, His forgiveness, His love, His grace….see, it's easy to get started and hard to stop.  What will your word/focus for the day be?

Yes, I love love love the beach and shells and sand…
Only 3 months from today I will be back at my beach!!! 

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