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Monday, February 4, 2013

These Two Shall Become One

Well this was a very exciting weekend here.  Bo decided Friday that we needed to go out on a proper, romantic date.  So we got all dressed up and headed out to a great place called The Fair Hill Inn for dinner.  This was the first "fancy" restaurant that Bo ever took me to, 24 years ago.  It was for our first Valentine's Day.  I remember everything about that night.  I wore a black velvet dress and had stuffed pork chops for dinner.  Bo had escargot and I had never seen anyone eat escargot before.  But, being the good date that I was, I tried it.  I am amazed that after 24 years, I still love to get all dressed up for him.  I enjoy just being in his company.  We laugh and talk and of course eat.  I still enjoy when he looks at me and says that I am beautiful.  That never gets old or expected.

I love this pic.  He is crazy and still makes me
laugh till I hurt
I asked Bo yesterday as we were preparing for Cheryl and Jacks super bowl party, if he imagined 24 years ago that marriage could be this good 24 years later or if he even gave it a thought then.  He really didn't think about it but that is expected because guys usually don't.  But I thought about it.  I knew couples loved each other after long marriages but I didn't know (how could I at 17?) that love continued to grow and the roots of the two lives began to intertwine so you know longer can say that's mine or that's yours.  The words in our marriage ceremony said, "these two shall become one", I truly believe that when those words were spoken it didn't mean instantly.  I believe that over time these two become one.  It takes years of living together day in and day out.  It means sharing every aspect of yourselves.  It has taken compromise and cleaning up baby messes (from both ends).  We laugh, cry, fuss and just hold each other.  Some days it's not a thought but other days it can be all you think about.

Jake and Bo at Jonathan's college graduation from
University of Maryland
I am blessed that I have a husband who takes the time to "wine & dine" me.  How I feel matters to him.  He puts up with my day dreaming and planning.  He has protected and loved our family, unconditionally.  He has a heart for others that is unlike any I have seen.

US at our favorite coffee shop in Ocracoke
Ocracoke Coffee Shop (oddly enough…lol)

This was not the post I had planned on writing this morning.  I was going to write about friends, family, RAVENS Super Bowl CHAMPS and maybe Downton Abbey.  But I guess my heart truly belongs to Bo and that is where my passion lies.

wearing Kelcie's glasses at Epcot

He loves our family…Pop & Henry

Pop & Henry…best buds

Grammy & Henry…my little love

Our Godson/Great Nephew …found this pic and just love it

Pop and Henry looking at the grass…
Henry is not sure if he likes it on his feet

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