hope sign

hope sign

Friday, December 7, 2012

With All Joy!!!!

This morning I made coffee and sausage (Henry's favorite).  Henry asked for sausage this morning, well first he asked for pizza but that was a no go so he changed it to sausage.  Now he is watching Finding Nemo.

This has given me some time to do some online Christmas shopping.  I love sitting in my robe with a cup of hot coffee, SHOPPING!!!  The next couple of weeks will be Christmas shopping, Christmas movies, Christmas Banquet, The Estep Family Christmas Cookie Day, some birthday parties, more Elf on The Shelf, wrapping gifts…I am excited about all the fun the next couple of weeks will be.

I just take everything one day at time and it all gets done with joy.  I hope you all have the same experience or whatever you do for the Christmas season, I hope you do it with all joy!!!

My new Sugar Plum Houses…I love them

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