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Monday, October 29, 2012

Play Dough Time

Well here we are going about our daily business like there is not a hurricane going on outside.  Until that one moment when…the lights go out!!  Yes, it's day time but the sun is hidden and there is very little daylight coming in.  So we go around the house getting the candles and flashlights and then something else happens.  Everything seems calm in the house.

When you can't be entertained, you entertain yourself and those around you.  Henry and I sat down to play with his play dough.  Last night the play dough got mixed so now its like we have tie dyed play dough.  We make tie dyed cookies, snakes, trees, people.  Everything I make, Henry pinches apart to make a huge pile that he calls a house.

I love it when I am forced to turn off the TV or mother nature does it for me.  I love the lit candles around the house (although with Henry I was a tad scared).  They make the house glow and the smell is absolutely fabulous.  Instead of coffee, I had to make hot tea for Bo before work.  Using the kettle and flashlight to find the right tea bags…almost primitive(lol).

With the candles and silence, I feel like skipping this week into November right into the Christmas season.  But I must be patient and I would rather have it snowing than raining.

The electricity came back on and my instincts went into over drive.  Get a shower, turn the TV on, blow out the candles (except for one that Henry can't reach)…get it all done while I have power because I don't know how long this will last.  I like the feel of being primitive but I am a girl born into a life of electric, electronics and hot water, I knew it wouldn't last.

So for now, I am clean, Henry is watching Dino Dan, I have a cup of hot coffee and all is right in our little Coachman Drive world.

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