hope sign

hope sign

Saturday, September 1, 2012

They are home

I don't usually post on a Saturday but this is the first quiet moment I have had since Wednesday when I was thrilled to pick up my son and daughter in law from Dulles Airport, straight from Africa!!!  We have been helping them get settled in and introducing our beautiful daughter in law to all our family & friends.  I have never seen my son happier than he is now.  It's so amazing to watch the way he is with his wife.  He called her "baby doll" last night and I smiled quietly to myself, thinking, his daddy calls me that.  I am so certain that he will be/is a good husband because he has had such an amazing example at home.

Everyone in the family has been on cloud 9 since the return of The VanDyke's IV.  As soon as Kelcie can come home for a couple of days, I am taking a family picture.  One with ALL of us!!!  That is all 8 of us.  Our family is growing rapidly it seems.  First, Henry, then Scovia and now in January, Aaron.  They say good things come in 3's...I hope that is the saying.

Henry with His Uncle Jake & Aunt Scovia...at the airport

Jake & Juliana...Jake is talking to Kelcie so it's like
having all 3 kids there.
Bo and I are so blessed and thankful for the safe return of our children.  It seemed like it wouldn't happen but God moved in so many ways to make it a reality.  Now we have a full house again but that was our desire.  A full house...full of family, love, laughter...LIFE!!!

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