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Monday, July 23, 2012


As I said before, I have 3 children.  January 1990, Kenneth D VanDyke, IV "Jake" was born.  September 1991, Juliana Kimberly VanDyke entered our little family.  December 1992, Kelcie Lorraine VanDyke completed our family.  Yes, 3 kids in 3 years.  Crazy?  Yes, a little.  Not a good planner is what I say.  I wouldn't change it for the world.  I do wish I would have had more children.  Not one a year but at least a couple of more.

I have been asked what stage is the hardest.  My answer is that every stage brings it own challenges and great rewards.  Of course, when they are little it's not usually life altering challenges.  As they get into their teens and young adult life, the challenges can affect their whole future.  If I was going to give advice, I would say, ONE STEP AT A TIME.  Enjoy each stage of their lives.  Of course we all know the challenges of infancy.  No sleep, poopie diapers, spit up on everything...constant work.  As toddlers it's temper tantrums, getting into everything, exploring the world without reservations...constant work.  I love both of these stages.  We are in stage 2 with my grandson.  Henry likes to run everywhere.  He loves animals and gets very excited about them.  In this stage you get the hugs and kisses anytime you want.  He loves to color and draw.  He likes to dance and sing.  He gets excited whenever someone comes home.  Toddlers are one of my favorite stages.  Even though it is constant work, it is amazing to see them try new things and they are learning something every day.

Of course my 3 were toddlers pretty much at the same time.  It was crazy at our house in the 90's.  Quiet times just didn't exist.  It was loud, messy & fun.  Looking back, it went by so fast.
Jake enjoying is breakfast

Juliana at her 1st Birthday Party

Kelcie on a Sunny Sunday Afternoon

As I look at the faces above, my heart breaks a little.  I miss my babies being babies.  On December 31, 2012, they will all be in their 20's.  Here are some confessions from the mother of these 3 beautiful babies.

1- I wasn't patient enough
2- At different times in their lives, each one had a turn at being my favorite...it was usually the one who was being good...lol
3- I wished away a lot of their childhood
5- I will always need them, they are a physical part of my body, mind, soul & spirit.
6- I still love to hear them laugh
7- Jake still has the power to make me laugh one second and mad the next...It's his special gift...lol
8- They are my Blessed LIFE
Henry, Our Next Generation
Our 1st
Just so you know, My kids are my most favorite subject.  I will be sharing a lot more about their growing up.  Like the time I told them to clean their rooms and as I was washing dishes in the kitchen, something caught my eye outside.  I walked out the kitchen door to see clothes, toys, trash, linens sailing through the air.  Jake, the leader, showed the girls how to open the window and throw everything out.  The room was clean but it looked like my house had exploded all over the yard.  Stages....challenges...stories!!!!  LIFE!!!!


  1. Kimi, i love this blog! I have always loved your family! I love your closeness and how much fun you all have when your together! I am loving reading your blog!!

    1. Thank you Colleen. We love you too. You also have a beautiful family. Your girls are precious. Come see us.