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hope sign

Monday, June 27, 2016

Creativity Sparks

Morning time at the beach house

May and June 2016 = BUSY!!!  

Panoramic view of Hatteras beach...X-Large so you can see...it overflows into the margins...sorry

We took our annual trip to Hatteras Island and had a blast.  Two weeks of resting and relaxing even though we had "Bonnie" the storm to contend with.  It was still a great vacation.  Since I haven't written for a while, I thought I would share some of our vacation pics today.  

I had a lot of fun with my camera but didn't take as many photos as I usually do.  But every photo is 100% mine.  I set every setting and had so much fun seeing what this camera can do.  

My husband and our friend Kim by the Hatteras Landing
IPhone pic

I finally found an intact sand dollar...this was taken with my IPhone

Baby Bo loving the beach...my youngest grandson

These are just a few of what I took.  The other photos are on my laptop.  Photography has been my creative outlet lately.  I haven't had a thought that I was willing to write down in the last month.  I have been blocked with no ambition for writing.  Then I read something today that put a little spark in my mind and heart.  


"Pray for creative ideas, believe that you can accomplish them, and GO!" Dr. Clifton Clarke
I hope you have found something today that sparks creativity in you.  I mean we do serve the most creative, imaginative, mind blowing, inspiring God...He created us, what other proof do you need?

My magnolia tree in the back yard
I love it's blooms

Such a hearty flower but still so delicate that it only lasts maybe two days.

Look around your life and know that you are BLESSED!!!

Kim having a wee nap in the sun

Baby Bo at the Hatteras Lighthouse

Pop and Baby Bo

Pop and Baby Bo going for a walk on the beach...this
fills my heart UP!!!

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