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hope sign

Monday, June 22, 2015

Moments Captured...

I love photography.  

The feet of my grandsons.  I love this.  These feet will carry the GOSPEL.

I love taking photos, editing photos, capturing moments in my life and the lives of my loved ones. 

I love the colors in this photo and baby is Gabe is amazing.
A moment in time.  The wonder of his gaze.
His chubby feet and cheeks.
I love it.

But I think what I love the most is reliving the moments caught on film or now on an SD card.

The moments shared with my husband, children, and now grandchildren...so precious. 

Paths not yet taken...where does this lead?
I couldn't wait to find out.
Roma, Italy

I do take a whole lot of pictures.  I love to play with the light and see how a photo will turn out.  I love to see something from a different angle and how a certain angle can make something look so much larger or smaller than it actually is.  That to me is fun. 

While in Africa in 2011...the movement captured...

It looks fast here but in truth, it was even faster.

Some may see this as a throw away but I love the light
the movement, the colors all together.
You can tell they are dancing.

When we were in Hatteras this year, Jake came in from the deck outside the living room and said, "Mom, grab your camera.  You're gonna want to capture this moon."  Grabbing my camera, I walked outside to this beautiful moon with the reflection on the water...amazing.  It's like you could just walk on the water path right up to the moon.  Water is an awesome subject to take photos

Water is an awesome subject to take photos of because it is ever changing. Calm and glistening one moment to waves crashing against the shore, showing it's strength and dominance.  

Henry has always loved racing the water.  I think
he is losing here.  What a photo capturing his excitement.  

Scovia getting Bo's feet in the Ocean for the first time.  I love the joy on her face
and the unsure look on his...PRICELESS

On the ferry coming back to Hatteras from Ocracoke.
Bo looking out at the water, the waves caused by the engines of the
ferry.  Love this.  A quiet moment.

Let me encourage you, grab your camera, shoot some memories.  Whether you use your phone or a DSLR or something in between.  

I will continue to learn about this fascinating art of photography.  I will continue to take shots whenever I can.  God's creations are so breathtaking...people and nature.  Oh how much fun it is.

Have a blessed day.

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