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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

You Are Called And Qualified By God

Do you ever feel intimidated by your short comings?

Do you ever compare your gifts to others who seem to have all the gifts?

Do you ever withdraw because you are afraid you just wont measure up?

Do you ever hide behind the abilities of others so you don't have to put yourself out there?

Statements like,"I am a behind the scenes worker," or "You are better at this than me, so you do it", roll off your tongue when asked to step out of your comfort zone.

We all have times when we don't feel adequate.  We look around and see so many who are much better equipped for the task at hand.

We are not alone with these feelings.  They are as old as time.  We can look through scripture and find men and women who had these feelings but what sets them apart is that these feelings didn't stop them from obedience and took them and most of the time, their whole country into victory.

Gideon...overcame his doubts, with a little fleecing and answered the call of God
Moses...overcame his disabilities and brought Israel out of Egypt...answering the call of God.
Joseph...overcame the rejection of his family and became royalty...answering the call of God...he forgave.

God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.  We have to be willing.  Sure, sometimes it takes some real talk with God.  We should talk real to God.  He knows our hearts and He isn't surprised by our feelings or our inadequacies.  

Let me tell you, each time I write this blog, I delete, rewrite, delete, rewrite, delete.  I think about who might be reading this and delete some more.  Unless I am writing about my kids or grand babies, I stress over offending anyone or sounding stupid.  My insecurities run wild and there are times that they win.  I will delete and not post anything because I feel like I just wont measure up.  Measure up to who? Good question.  I don't know the answer to that one.  

I have to do what God puts on my heart.  Do it with love and with all my ability.  It might not help some but it might help one or two of you out there.  Most of all, I am walking in obedience to what God has laid upon my heart.  

Whether you are being called into a season of battle, restoration, rejuvenation, victorious living...whatever the season you are in, rest in the knowledge that you are loved by the Creator of all. 

James 1:17New Life Version (NLV)

17 Whatever is good and perfect comes to us from God. 

He is the One Who made all light. 

He does not change. 

No shadow is made by His turning.

Guess what, He thinks of you/us as good.  As Bishop Don Bledsoe says, "You are one of a kind, God designed, straight from His mind."  

You can make a difference in this world.  Be encouraged today.  He will qualify you where He has called you.  Availability leads to Ability.  

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