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Monday, October 28, 2013

Be the Light to Your World

Love the sun here at Jacobs party
After 5 days in Florida, Maryland seems a tad chilly.  The good thing about that is, I love fall and the changing seasons.  I love God's imagination.  I believe that seasons are like quarterly gifts to us.  Just when the summer heat gets too intense, FALL.  Just when we cannot take another moment of freezing, SPRING.

I am looking out my office window and I see changing leaves (the tree in my front yard is still green), frosted grass, green grass, leaves on the ground...it's a beautiful mess.

Today, I will look at God's creation, whether it be nature or people, I will see the beauty that is straight from the mind of God.  It is easy to look at a child and see the beauty of God, it is easy to gaze up at the sky and see His artistic brush strokes.  How about when we see the one who is unkind, unclean, needs a good scrubbing?  Do we look past the veneer of sin and see the one whom God breathed life into? Do we struggle with loving this person who seems to find joy in the misfortunes of others?

When I was teaching the Middle School Youth Group, I took them on a little trip for ice cream in North East.  By the side of the road was a homeless man, holding a sign, asking for food.  The kids asked me if this guy was really homeless or a fraud.  I told them that I truly did not know and I pulled over to give him some money.  Not a word from the back seat as I gave the man a $20 bill.  The homeless man was very grateful.  I pulled away and that's when one of the kids asked, "What if he didn't really need the money?"  I thought about my response for a second, weighing my words and forming a response that they would understand.  "When you don't have all the information about someones situation and you see a need, always be on the side of giving.  You see, I had some cash to give today.  Yes, he may be a fraud or he may choose to live a homeless life when he doesn't have to.  But, he may truly be in need.  Since I don't have all the facts of his life, I will always choose to give.  I love God-My love for God compels me to give where I see a need.  If he is a liar, that is on him.  If I don't give, that is on me."

They seemed to understand my response.  Some people don't agree with my reasons and think that I am a fool.  Others may say that I should have just bought the guy a hamburger, fries and a soda.  Whether you agree or disagree, this guy and all the ones like him, are made in the image of God.  I am responsible for how I treat others, how I love.

Today, I encourage you, show love to someone.  Be kind to one another.  Be His hand extended.  It could change someones life...maybe your own.

Light effects everything it touches.

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