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Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Days When Time Doesn't Matter

Have you ever had a day that was just so relaxing and fun that you just didn't want the day to end?  That was my day yesterday.  Which is strange because I cleaned my bathroom yesterday and lets face it, that's a nasty job.  But on to the good things.  

Kelcie on the floaty

1-I sent Kelcie to the store to get laundry soap and some groceries for lunch and dinner.  She went with no arguments…YAY!!!!

2- She made my lunch and even poured me a glass of iced tea!!  

3- We (Kelcie, Scovia and I) put on our swim suits and headed to my sisters for a little time in the sun.

The floaty on Kelcie.
4-Juliana and Henry met us there.  He was so excited when we got there.

5-The weather was beautiful and the water was perfect.

6-Got in the car within seconds of another summer storm…didn't get wet at all!!!

7-Drove out of the rain, drove into the rain, drove out of the rain, pulled in the garage before the big storm came!

Henry and Juliana on what Henry called his surf board
8-Bo went to the local Amish farm and picked up fresh sweet corn, lima bean, string beans, baby carrots and then helped me make dinner.

KaKa and Henry
9-We ate like kings.  Jake said it was like summer Thanksgiving with pork chops…we even had stuffing.

10-The girls cleaned up the dishes while Bo and I relaxed and talked.

Scovia on the floaty with Kelcie's help

11-Bo and I watched Doc Martin and Death in Paradise…two of our favorites.

12-At 10:45 PM, I made peach cobbler and at 11:30 PM we ate it…YUMMY!!!

Henry laying down for a minute…or a second.  
I love days like this.  It's as if the day has no beginning time and no end time.  Summer is when the rules are thrown out the window and our normal time table is given a rest.  

Today, I may just change my front room around and give it a spruce up…yes, it will be like my Christmas…lol

Henry ready to go home, take a nap and get ready for dinner

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