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Monday, December 3, 2012

Light Your Candle...

I have started reading the Countdown to Christmas Advent daily readings and activities from You Version.  I love it.  I love that it gives us ideas to do with our families to make the WORD real.  I wish I had this when my children were little.  Even though we have a house full of adults and 1 two year old, we are going to do the Advent activities and readings.

So many times we think these things are just for children but as adults, we need to participate in these readings and activities.  We can read the same scripture for years and each time find something new that speaks to us.  When we were children, we understood as children but now that we are grown, we (Should) have a deeper understanding.  Life experiences broaden our understanding and our relationship with the LORD deepens our wisdom.

So, I encourage you, even if it's just you or you and your spouse or you have a houseful of children, celebrate Advent.  Turn to the scriptures and learn something new about your faith and your GOD.  Never stop learning, it will help keep your mind strong and it will give you something to think on.  Light your candle tonight at dinner as you read your scripture.  Give God a place at your table.

If you have children at home, this will allow them to see the importance of Advent.  Put the CHRIST back into CHRISTMAS.  Make this a tradition in your family.  Bo & I are starting this year, yes, our children are grown but we see the need even in our own lives for this new tradition.  We will teach our grand kids and godchildren and our grown children, the importance of Advent.

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